For over 30 years Francisco Garay has been in love with jewels. With such passion he created and developed what today is a fully family-run business of silver jewelry and fashion accessories in the South of Spain.


The origins and largest experience of the company would lean on gold manufacturing. The traditional taste in the Mediterranean area - with high standards for quality in the materials plus a joyful sense of design - have played a key role on the path to strengthen the heart of the company today: collections in silver and semi-precious stones that fulfill a woman’s search for a statement to be made when choosing her accessories.


In an attempt to broaden the company’s safe niche of classic jewelry designs, Francisco and his team have been gathering collections that not only capture the need for a ready-to-wear accessory, but also the sense of uniqueness that any woman loves to display on a special occasion. In combining those features, Francisco Garay aims to provide the sensitive female taste with the perfect jewel for any given moment.

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